Statement on the Officer-Involved shooting in Danville


In the city of Danville, we’ve recently experienced an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Juan Markee Jones. I’ve been told that the family and community leaders have had the opportunity to view the body camera footage of the incident that took place early Sunday morning. I have full confidence that Danville Police Chief Scott Booth will do everything in his power to make this a transparent investigation and will release any footage or audio available to calm the tensions in our city. It’s important that elected officials address these issues publicly and not shy away from them, because it may seem controversial. We’ve all seen over many years how issues between law enforcement and communities of color have made the headlines. From a history of systematic oppression these concerns are justified and should be listened to in order for our communities to have a better understanding of each other. We also must be open to that same level of understanding with our law enforcement community, as they put their lives on the line everyday to make this city safe. Many lives have been touched by this tragedy, and it is my hope that our city will come together. A great example of that was the protest march that occurred on Monday. People exercised their first amendment rights; and law enforcement was there to ensure that that happened without interruption. I encourage everyone to make sure that their voice and their vote be heard in the city of Danville. Your voice and your vote does matter as it can bring about the change that you want to see in Danville.


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