Raising Teacher Pay in Danville VA

Yesterday we took a huge step forward by raising teacher pay. Our teachers have one of the most important jobs in this city and that is educating our youth. Without a well-educated community, we can’t progress as much as we’d like to. One major step in assuring that we have a well-educated community is to pay our teachers a competitive living wage.

In order to close the poverty gap and get our schools accredited, we must concentrate our limited funds in areas where it will do the most good. Attracting and retaining teachers should be what those funds are prioritized for.

Teachers have a tough job and have to wear many hats in the classroom. It’s our duty to make sure that our teachers are well compensated for the extraordinary work that they do every day. I support the new pay increases 100%. I will work to do more so that Danville is the best place in the country for teachers to have a career.

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