Public Safety:
I spearheaded the effort to build a new fire station and will be doing the same for our police officers. The current police station that we have is outdated and the evidence room is swamped with material. Public safety is a top priority and a new police station with a public meeting space will help us accomplish that. I along with fellow councilmen and new police chief want to increase community policing to grow trust between the public and law enforcement. This effort will begin to end to the code of silence that stalls investigations and justice for so many families.

I have attended nearly every school board meeting and I want for all of our schools to be accredited. We must have more teachers and a good environment for them to teach in. When many opposed the precision machinery program I fought hard to make it a reality and now it is creating many high skilled workers with good paying jobs. Investment in education is one of the best economic development investments that our city can make.

Affordable Energy:
Gary Miller Affordable Energy Solar Panels UtilitiesRising energy cost is why I want to push for renewable energy in Danville. This area is perfect for wind and solar energy which will lower rates, attract new businesses, and create many more jobs.

The River District & Tourism
Danville VA I was on the ground floor when the revitalization of the River District began, even plotting out the Riverwalk trail with my children. Now we have dozens of new businesses, hundreds of tenants, and more to come in the area. Our bike-share program which has been used thousands of times since its launch last summer should be expanded for more of our citizens and tourist to use. This is an effort that I supported and am also sponsoring. I want to continue to build up the River District and increase tourism in Danville.