Dr. Gary Miller
Dr. Gary Miller

A doctor, educator, small business owner, and public servant.

My life has been devoted to serving the people of Danville and Virginia as a doctor, educator, small business owner, and public servant.

We need good jobs in our area because there is nothing like the feeling of pride and dignity that comes with being able to provide for your family.

My top priority will be to find common ground solutions to bring more jobs to our area and to lower taxes by cutting waste. I will also make sure our children not only receive a world-class K-12 education, but also promote vocational and technical training as early as middle school to prepare them for the workforce.

Growing up in the small Southwest Virginia coalfield town of Gate City you had to work to support your family. My first job was as a construction worker when I turned 16. Summers, weekends and after school were spent learning the value of hard work and the importance of having a job. I have never forgotten that lesson.

My passion for medicine began when I worked as a hospital orderly while a student at Virginia Tech. Helping people has always been important to me, and that is why for years, I have joined mission ministries in Central America and mission trips to rural Virginia with Appalachia Service Project (ASP) and Crossroads. I also speak to local church groups about keeping their hearts healthy.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, I enrolled and received my medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. I became board certified in internal medicine, family practice and cardiology after completing residencies at MCV, the Medical College of Georgia and East Tennessee State University.

I have practiced medicine in Danville for 25 years as a cardiologist and founded Cardiology Consultants of Danville. I have led in my field and grew a successful practice. My passion for cardiology is what initiated a relationship with Duke University to start our area’s first open-heart bypass program.

For eight years I served on the Virginia Board of Medicine, an appointment that I received from former Governor George Allen. I also served as a delegate to the Medical Society of Virginia.

Our area needed more doctors, so I partnered with Danville Regional Medical Center to start a residency training program. This program, which is critical to the health care of our citizens, recruits new doctors to the Danville area. The program also pumps millions of dollars into our local economy.

I have been married to Karen, a former teacher, for 40 years. Two of our children, Lauren and Kevin, are both doctors in residency training programs. Our youngest child, Allison, is a third-year student at Virginia Tech.

My wife and I enjoy the natural beauty of our area and we bike ride and jog on local nature trails. We are members of Mount Vernon United Methodist Church in Danville.

Nearly everyone in this community recalled when Dan River Mills went into bankruptcy in 2004. One of my patients came into my office and told me that he would lose his job and health insurance after 38 years. Taking care of a patient’s medical issues was not a problem, but what could I do to help my patient and other people find jobs.

That encounter helped me find my second calling: serving my community to find common ground solutions to rebuild, renew and recruit jobs to Danville.

Danville City Council appointed me to fill a vacancy in 2008. The citizens of Danville asked me to serve them again by electing me to a four-year term in 2010. I am also honored to serve as Danville Vice-Mayor and represent the City on the West Piedmont Planning Commission.

While on the council, I worked to lower taxes by cutting waste, built a strong working relationship with Pittsylvania County to better facilitate economic development and job recruitment, revitalize our downtown business district, partnered with local citizens and law enforcement to start the Safe Danville Coalition to stop crime in our community, and initiated the curbside recycling program in the City.